War on Terror: it ranges from another fake war to a War by Terror

Jun 30, 2007

LONDON June 2007 "AL-QAEDA" TERROR - TWO CAR "BOMBS" revealed worldwide first

"Bomb" #1 - part of the usual illuminati "AL-QAEDA" terror agenda(1), i.e. keep population aceepting the terror state (2) and keep alive the "NATO vs. muslims" hoax. (3)

"Bomb" #2 - revealed worldwide first - part of the agenda to undermine Prince William's concert in tribute to his mother. (4) (5)

(1) Everyone in this forum knows that 9/11 was executed by the Illuminati and their media.
Now as for the Madrid bombings, this simple fact immediately exposes who did . Better said, the illuminati only needed this line to make sure that even the last idiot gets who did it (mind control technique "package vs, contents"):
Google tells you immediately who was the only one to translate this illuminati message, given six months later. Correct, the same who was also the first to expose who did the Madrid bombings, hours after it was reported, March 11.

(2) Transition from Formal Democracy to Legal Terror State

(3) "NATO vs. muslims" hoax explained again by Matt Marriott, one day later, the next event advancing the "sucessfully fighting AL-QAEDA" agenda:
Glasgow Airport 2007 vs. 9/11 Pentagon: remake upscaled with actor "burning" and being "arrested" - see  explanation of the reduction of  "extreme small minority" of muslims who actually plan terror attacks in Illuminatiland to... 0.

(4) Did Prince William ACCEPT the murder of his MOTHER, Lady Diana?

(5) Concert for Diana and William, one day later and Illuminati Media: Prince William in Illuminati Death List vs. Paris Hilton

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