War on Terror: it ranges from another fake war to a War by Terror

Jul 1, 2007

Glasgow Airport 2007 vs. 9/11 Pentagon: remake upscaled with actor "burning" and being "arrested"

Glasgow Airport 2007, the remake of 9/11 Pentagon: apparently downscaled, but in one chapter in fact upscaled: actor "burning" and being "arrested" by the police.

The Glasgow Airport vs. the Pentagon: the number of actors playing the firemen or the blazing vehicle vs. the "plane" debris at the lawn - it all is downscaling.
But there is a new chapter in this remake that is in fact a real upscaling from the Pentagon:
- the footage of the actor playing the "terrorist" "burning" (1);
- the photo of the policemen arresting the actor, with make-up to suggest burnings.

The remake follows otherwise the same script:
- short after two "car bombs" at London (2), like the Pentagon, short after the WTC "planes" (3). Part of the "network" suggestion, like the other two scripts of the "War on Terror in the EU and US, 2001-2007", i.e. the four trains of Madrid 3/11, 2004 or the four buses from London 7/7, 2005.

- "terrorists" arrived one year ago, i.e. if they had been long enough in England they would now be good citizens. This is part of selling the "Islam is the religion of peace" hoax and advancing the "open borders" agenda.

- the (police) state continues to successfully prevent terror attacks and the "death of hundreds".
This is part of advancing the "police state" agenda and selling the "Al Qaeda" hoax, i.e. selling that despite 99.9 pct "peaceful" and "fully integrated" muslims, there is an "extreme small minority" who actually plan terror attacks in Illuminatiland. (4)

(1) Illuminati media reporting - Daily Mail: "Anti-terrorist detectives swooped on five members of the gang across Britain after gathering crucial clues from phones found in the two London car bombs. ..."

(2) LONDON June 2007 "AL-QAEDA" TERROR - TWO CAR "BOMBS" revealed worldwide first

(3) 9/11 for dummies - The Five Basic Facts

(4) Reminder: in fact all muslims are following these orders: under no circumstances execute terror attacks in the US or the EU.
Their tactic is totally based on the demographic bomb ("we will soon be the majority"). Besides that, illuminati governments are taught to be tactic allies (which is in fact the Truth), who provided the nuclear bomb to Pakistan and have now declared that it is impossible to prevent Iran from getting it.
A simple 1 + 1 sum that the muslims are able to do: this means there is now few time left until the first goal is achieved, i.e. that muslims finally wipe Israel off the map, as illuminati agent Ahmadinejad is now constantly in charge of repeating. See: US Attack to Iran Hoax for dummies

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Jun 30, 2007

LONDON June 2007 "AL-QAEDA" TERROR - TWO CAR "BOMBS" revealed worldwide first

"Bomb" #1 - part of the usual illuminati "AL-QAEDA" terror agenda(1), i.e. keep population aceepting the terror state (2) and keep alive the "NATO vs. muslims" hoax. (3)

"Bomb" #2 - revealed worldwide first - part of the agenda to undermine Prince William's concert in tribute to his mother. (4) (5)

(1) Everyone in this forum knows that 9/11 was executed by the Illuminati and their media.
Now as for the Madrid bombings, this simple fact immediately exposes who did . Better said, the illuminati only needed this line to make sure that even the last idiot gets who did it (mind control technique "package vs, contents"):
Google tells you immediately who was the only one to translate this illuminati message, given six months later. Correct, the same who was also the first to expose who did the Madrid bombings, hours after it was reported, March 11.

(2) Transition from Formal Democracy to Legal Terror State

(3) "NATO vs. muslims" hoax explained again by Matt Marriott, one day later, the next event advancing the "sucessfully fighting AL-QAEDA" agenda:
Glasgow Airport 2007 vs. 9/11 Pentagon: remake upscaled with actor "burning" and being "arrested" - see  explanation of the reduction of  "extreme small minority" of muslims who actually plan terror attacks in Illuminatiland to... 0.

(4) Did Prince William ACCEPT the murder of his MOTHER, Lady Diana?

(5) Concert for Diana and William, one day later and Illuminati Media: Prince William in Illuminati Death List vs. Paris Hilton

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